What to do when HP Officejet 4650 printer keeps going offline for various technical reasons. First go to the desktop start button and click on the “printer and scanners”. Next, go in the printer section and right-click on your hp officejet 4650 printer and check whats’ the printer is printing. Get hp officejet printer is offline solution are given below.

Steps to fix  hp officejet 4650 printer offline issue 

Get the hp print and scan doctor application on your pc. dispatch the program. hit the start button on the desktop screen and select your printer’s model oj4650.  continue with the guidelines shown on the program screen. in the event that a similar issue perseveres, take a stab at following the underneath steps. 

  • Turn on the hp officejet 4650 printer and eliminate the force link. 
  • Restart the pc. 
  • Force on the pc and the 123.hp.com/oj4650 printer following a couple of moments. 
  • Set the default printing source on your pc. 

Get the most recent driver from the internet and re-introduce the printer programming. 

Troubleshooting steps for hp officejet  4650 printer offline issue 

Switch off the printer and fit out the usb link. ensure the usb link you are utilizing isn’t harmed or broken. The hp print and scan doctor device can be a lot of accommodating for this situation. Download the application on your pc and introduce it. dispatch the program and click on start. pick your hp officejet 4650 troubleshooting on the following screen. update the application on the off chance that you will see a brief. 

hp printer in the event that it is turned on and plug the force link out from the printer’s back following 10 seconds. at that point, switch off the pc. Connect the force links back to the printer’s back and turns on the printer by squeezing the power button, in the event that it doesn’t control on naturally. whenever associated in remote mode, restart the switch. 

Force on the pc. take a stab at erasing the hp officejet 4650 printer says offline and programming from your pc. go to the “devices and printers” organizer on your windows pc and right-click on your printer model. pick the set as default printer choice. Update the printer’s firmware if the above arrangement doesn’t work. you can refresh it either from the printer’s control board or from the pc as well. to perform it from the control board, tap the hp eprint symbol and press the settings symbol. 

Pick the product update alternative. the printer will naturally start the update interaction. on the off chance that this didn’t help, take a stab at uninstalling the entire printer programming and re-introduce it once more.  open the programs and features on your windows 10 and find the hp software. right-click on the specific hp officejet printer offline projects and click on uninstall or delete.