Hp officejet pro 6970 are also well known for offline problems. The printer seems to be working fine but appears offline on your computer even if it’s connected to the network. This can happen especially after the printer has been connected to the network or has been left idle for a while.

Hp officejet pro 6970 troubleshooting

Hp 6970 printer set as Default Printer One of the simplest solutions for the problem is to set the printer as default. A printer marked as ‘default printer’ is the printer that the computer automatically sends without having to select all of its jobs and turn hp printer offline to online.

  • Press Windows + R keys, type control in the dialogue box, and press Enter.
  • Go to the control panel, and select Devices and Printers from the list of sub-options available.
  • Once the settings are entered, click on the printer device, right-click and select Set as default printer.
  • Now, restart the printer and check that the printer appears online on your computer.

Why is my hp officejet pro 6970 offline on Windows

Setting the IP address and installing the latest firmware help to turn HP officejet 6970 offline to online. If the printer is set as default but still has offline problems. It probably means the IP address assigned to the printer is wrong or the latest firmware is not installed. It should be installed on your printer in any case, as it includes the latest software, bug fixes, and support for a later Windows operating system.

  1. Open My Computer or My Computer and click the Network tab located on the left side of the screen.
  2. The printer will be located here. Double click on it and it will probably install the latest firmware on some models.
  3. In some, a web page will open in your default browser that will contain access to the printer.
  4. Click on the Network tab present at the top of the screen and select the Wireless sub-category.
  5. Copy the IP addresses and other network-related information from here.
  6. Now press Windows + R keys, type control in the dialogue box, and press Enter.
  7. Once the control panel appears, click on Devices and Printers and select Add a printer.
  8. Note: You need to delete the current printer so we can add the IP address again.
  9. The printer will probably not be detected. If it does, just click on it and the computer will be connected. If it doesn’t show up.
  10. Select The printer I want isn’t listed.
  11. Now, choose to Add a printer using a TCP / IP or hostname.
  12. Enter the details of the IP address we mentioned earlier and enter it here.
  13. Enter the IP address and click Next.
  14. If the connection is successful, a list of the printer driver will appear.
  15. Select the correct driver or click Windows Update for Windows to automatically detect/add drivers.
    After adding, check if you can access your printer without any problems.

How to fix Hp officejet pro 6970 status offline Error

Disabling SNMP Settings. HP Printer also uses Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) for its operations related to other printers. It is used to implement more security and additional functions in the connection. There are many indications that disabling this protocol solves the problem. Let’s have a look.

  • Open control panel and look for “Devices and Printers”. In the Printers window, find your Hp printer 6970, right-click it and choose Properties.
  • Once in the settings, now with your IP highlighted click on Ports.
  • Click on Configure ports and check the SNMP Status Enabled option.
  • Press OK to save changes and exit. Now right click on the printer and try to connect.
  • If possible, rotate your printer properly before continuing.